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Drain unblocking services

Prudent Plumbing also has a specialist drainage division which is on 24 hour call out, and is able and equipped to clear all blockages, from a hand basin to a main sewer. I have high-pressure drain jetting plant, and CCTV survey equipment enabling me to offer colour DVD's of the inside of drainage pipes, in addition to all other drainage works.

I am experienced in dealing with blockages ranging from food waste in domestic kitchen sinks to major issues in high rise blocks of flats.

My rate for drainage work is £75 per hour (No VAT), with most jobs being completed within an hour; after the first hour a fixed price to complete the works can be negotiated. If after the first hour a customer opts to stay on the above hourly rate then they are only charged per 15 minutes or part thereof; this way customers never pay for more than what they get, as that would be unfair, and being unfair doesn't suit our work ethic.

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